Litigation Research and Writing

New York attorney Bonnie Host calls upon more than a decade of sophisticated litigation experience to offer legal research and writing services to busy litigators. Ms. Host started her research and writing career in law school at the illustrious Mandel Legal Aid Clinic, where the first legal brief on which she worked resulted in a reversal en banc by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. After law school, she spent more than a decade as a commercial litigator, gaining in-depth experience in all phases of litigation and trial work, including a broad variety of research and writing projects — from lengthy, complex legal briefs, to shorter court papers, to legal memoranda, to settlement proposals and agreements. Her extensive deposition experience, as well as her oral argument and trial experience in both State and Federal Court, inform her legal writing.

At Host Law Firm PLLC, Ms. Host researches and drafts all manner of court papers, including without limitation, motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment, pre-trial and post-trial briefs, bench memoranda, orders to show cause, discovery motions, and settlement agreements. She also drafts direct and cross-examinations for trial lawyers.

Regular Legal Research and Writing

The business world confronts Executives and General Counsels with challenging situations day in and day out. Certain decisions can be made from experience and taking a reasoned, practical approach. Other decisions demand legal research to fill in knowledge gaps and reduce the risk of a negative outcome. Ms. Host offers legal research and writing services to address this need. The deliverable for this type of project may be informal, such as an oral report or short email summary, or formal, such as an Executive Summary and Legal Memorandum.

To discuss how Host Law Firm can assist with your legal research and writing needs, contact the Firm.