Conflicts of Interest & Disqualification

New York lawyer Bonnie Host advises law firms and solo attorneys on legal ethics, with an emphasis on legal conflicts of interest issues and disqualification motions. Legal conflicts of interest constitute the number one risk facing law firms today. Ms. Host spent nearly a decade as a Conflicts Attorney as her prior firm evolved from a mid-sized, domestic law firm to the largest law firm in the world. In that role, during those unique years in the firm's history, she gained extraordinary experience analyzing thousands of pieces of new business, in numerous domestic and international jurisdictions, for conflicts of interest and other risk issues.

Combining that practical experience with her prior litigation experience, Ms. Host offers a variety of legal services in the area of legal ethics. She analyzes conflicts situations, recommends steps, if any, that can be taken to minimize the risk of a disqualification motion, and engages in disqualification motion practice. Services offered include:

  • Conflicts of Interest Analysis
  • Advice on Minimizing Disqualification Risk
  • Drafting and Arguing Disqualification Motions
  • Defending Against Disqualification Motions
  • Training Seminars for Partners and Conflicts / Risk Professionals

New Business Evaluation

Law Firm Risk includes far more than ethical issues as defined by the Rules of Professional Conduct. Other business and reputation risks must be considered when a law firm decides whether to take on a particular piece of business. In order to streamline and define the new business clearance process, each firm should develop its own set of guidelines about the type of work the firm will accept. For example, work that presents a significant business conflict with a firm's brand should be declined and referred to another firm. In order to formulate the business acceptance rules, a firm must clarify its brand and identify types of work that conflict with that brand or business strategy. For example, a firm known to be a management-side employment law firm may choose to decline union work. By aligning the new business intake function with the strategy of the firm, the firm's brand gains strength and its practice areas gain traction in the legal industry.

Ms. Host's education, the breadth of her legal career, and her sophisticated work experience as a conflicts attorney position her to identify new business concerns and risks for law firms. She delivers legal services to clients that capitalize on these strengths.

Services offered include:

  • Business Risk Analysis
  • Development of New Business Intake Guidelines
  • Training Seminars for Partners and Conflicts / Risk Professionals
  • General Advice for Conflicts / Risk Groups
  • Consulting on New Business Intake and Conflicts of Interest Systems Implementation
  • Consulting on the development of New Business Intake and Conflicts of Interest Departments

To discuss your firm's needs and strategy with regard to conflicts of interest and new business analysis, contact the Firm.