The keys to a successful Internal Investigation include Confidentiality, Objectivity, Diligence, and Vision.


The confidential nature of client information is crucial. The need to protect such information cannot be overemphasized when talking about Internal Investigations — particularly when they are crisis driven. Host Law Firm pays particular attention to applicable privileges, which may include the Attorney/Client Privilege, Work Product Privilege, and the Self-Critical Analysis Privilege. Each privilege may offer protection of the confidential nature of the Firm's work on an Internal Investigation and give the client the right to choose whether, when, and in what format to release any information about the Internal Investigation.


Objectivity and independence constitute hallmarks of the Firm's Internal Investigations. A factual investigation requires a fair and impartial assessment of the relevant facts and circumstances. This gives management the information necessary to make an informed decision about how to proceed, whether in setting policy or handling an incident. Objective knowledge equals power to choose the correct path.


Internal Investigations require diligence and hard work. It requires asking the correct — and often tough —questions as well as listening to answers intently to discern facts and form appropriate follow up questions. It requires comparing witness recollections and measuring their answers against the documentary evidence. It requires taking the time to learn about the organization and its people. It requires the patience to review documents thoroughly enough to identify problematic documents as well as exculpatory documents. Through its own diligence and preparation, the Firm strives to bring each Internal Investigation to a successful conclusion, while minimizing the burden on the client's management.


Whether clients find themselves responding to a crisis or making a proactive change in corporate policy, Internal Investigations usually present opportunities to improve an organization. It takes vision, however, to identify these opportunities, define them, and realize them. The Firm looks for these opportunities and brainstorms potential solutions as part of its Internal Investigation services. In fact, given Ms. Host's breadth of experience and creativity as applied to problem solving, the Firm considers this aspect of Internal Investigations to be an area where it can have a true value added impact.

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