Executives and General Counsels commission a variety Internal Investigations — sometimes crisis driven, sometimes not. New York attorney Bonnie Host has conducted numerous Internal Investigations regarding a range of issues and situations. Examples of crisis-driven Internal Investigations include whistleblower situations, government investigations, customer complaints, and employment discrimination and harassment. They routinely involve some allegation of illegal activity or a threat to the client's reputation. Internal Investigations that are not crisis driven usually involve a specific decision faced by a Management Team or Board of Directors, which requires fact gathering from within the organization as well as legal research. For example, if Executives seek to proactively implement a new corporate policy, but want to hear from their work force before setting the specific terms of the policy, Host Law Firm PLLC will conduct an independent Internal Investigation to determine the specifics of the policy that will maximize its effectiveness. In conducting Internal Investigations, the Firm focuses not only on getting to the bottom of what is actually happening within an organization, but also on creatively brainstorming solutions that will best benefit the client.

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