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Corporate Impact Law & Be…

Corporate Impact Law & Benefit Corporation Law

Corporate Impact Law & Be… The business landscape in the U.S. has begun to shift away from a model in which executives and directors worry only about shareholder profits. More people are also seeking to invest in, work for, and buy from socially responsible organizations. Read More

Benefit Corporation and Corporate Impact: A Call for Support from Pension Fund, Trust Fund, and Investment Advisor Clients

Pension Funds, Trust Funds, and Investment Advisor Clients have the purchasing power to play a significant, profitable, and morally just role in the development of impact investing. Read More

A Primer on Benefit Corporation Law

In 2011, New York was the seventh state to pass Benefit Corporation legislation. Most state Benefit Corporation laws are similar and share common principles. Read More
Legal Ethics & Law Firm R…

Legal Ethics & Law Firm Risk

Legal Ethics & Law Firm R… Host Law Firm advises law firms and solo attorneys on legal ethics, with an emphasis on legal conflicts of interest issues and disqualification motions. Read More
Internal Investigations

Internal Investigations

Internal Investigations Executives and General Counsels commission a variety Internal Investigations — sometimes crisis driven, sometimes not. Bonnie Host has conducted numerous Internal Investigations regarding a range of issues and situations. Read More

The Keys to a Successful Internal Investigation

The keys to a successful Internal Investigation include Confidentiality, Objectivity, Diligence, and Vision. Read More

The Phases of an Internal Investigation

Although the course of each Internal Investigation must be determined on a case by case basis, there are some common phases. Read More
Legal Research & Writing

Legal Research & Writing

Legal Research & Writing Host Law Firm offers sophisticated legal research and writing services for Executives, General Counsels, and busy litigators. Read More